June 12, 2021
all star tower defense patch notes

All Star Tower Defense Patch Notes

I present here the patch notes of Roblox All Star Tower Defense. You will find all the news that will be released soon. Whether it is new codes, new playable characters as well as all the improvements and events that the publishers incorporate into the game.

Update 8 (Black Clover)

Update of January 01, 2021, the first of the year. In the program :

News :

6 new units appears : Minato (Chakra Mode), Golden Frieza, Gojo, Tatsu, Zestu, Goku Black
New mission with new mount and enemy type
New mode: Raid for player lvl 50+


Kaiko is now Air / Hill Hunt
New maps added to infinite mode
3 news codes

Update 9 (Mob Psycho)

Update of 02 February 2021

News :

5 new units : Whitebeard, Blackbeard, Gon (Adult), Nagato, Mob (Stampede)
New Mission : Mob Psycho

Changes :

Visual text for stat UI
Increase damage task
New animation in shop
Unit capacity increase to 375
Natsu and upgrade price increased

Patch notes Update 10 (Magi)

Update of 02 April 2021

News :

At last 7 new units ! Koku Black Pink, Hammer Giant, Blackstache (Final), Dariu, Aladdin, Byakuya, Edward

Changes :

Attack on the Titan Raid give Hammer Giant
New MAGI mission
new Mount task
Auto Skip feature
Damage task increase
New code for 150 gems

Patch notes Update 11 (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Last update date on 10 April 2021

News :

added 5 new units (Roy Mustang, Rukia (Bankai), Super Buu, Yuno, Sakura

Changes :

PVP Season 1 !
Leaving PVP match and you will loose points
New Fullmetal Alchemist Story Mode
New Fullmetal Alchemist mount

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Update 12

JJK Mission with new mount task

-2v2 ranked
– Additional benefits (12 gems for winner and 3 for loser)

New Raid : MHA Overhaul

New Units
Evolution of Ichigo : 4/5 star from 3-star
Giorno Giovani 5-stars
Pannacotta Fugo 4-stars
Gilgamesh 5-stars
Suzaku 5-stars
Ichigo Bloodwar no long obtainable