June 25, 2021

Idlemon Tales Redeem Code 2021 (May)

What are the new Idlemon Tales Redeem Code 2021 and also how to get the free gift? With them you will get Diamonds, Gold Candles and you will also see your in-game experience increase.

Idlemon Tales Redeem Code 2021 List

Here is the whole list of Idlemon Tales Codes 2021. It is updated as soon as a new one comes out. It includes those who are seems valid and also the old ones which can still work. Also, they often have an expiration date. So use them quickly and share them with your friends and your guild. Please, let me a reply if one of these are fail.

You can also search for other Mobile Game Codes and get free gifts, avatars and items

Lucky7Redeem this code for 500 diamonds and 50k gold
ga26eb262a54a26282Redeem this code for 20k gold, 400 diamonds and 1k candies
8888Redeem this code for free gift
gac72f5f7de5cb552dRedeem this code for Gold, Vouchers, XP candles, items
ga9692948bc3ec2338Redeem this code for Gold, XP candles, diamonds items

How to redeem Idlemon Tales Redeem Code ?

To use the Idlemon Tales Codes you have to follow a few steps and proceed as follows. First you have to click on your profil. Then you have to click on “Redeem Code”. A new window should open in the middle of the screen. Next, you will have to write one of the codes. Finally you will then receive the reward. Also, you can only redeem a code once. If it does not work, it is because it has expired

Where to find new Code?

This is the most important question here, where to find them? You have surely looked for a long time in many pages without having the answer. In addition to giving you the latest codes, I will tell you where to get the next ones. Then I finally found some sources of information. So I reveal them to you below. So go to one of the following account :

Don’t forget to register on the site and the forum so as not to miss the next code. In addition, a lot of information can be on the official gaming channels. These could be, for example, tips, patch notes or important events. So you will be able to know the latest news before all the players.

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